43 Top Furniture Design Ideas for Bedrooms – Popular Furniture Styles to Consider

43 Top Furniture Design Ideas For Bedrooms Popular Furniture Styles To Consider 1

You would want your bedroom to be functional, comfortable and beautiful. In order to achieve this, it is a good idea to go for furniture designs for the bedroom that are of the same style. In this way, you will enjoy natural harmony and coziness. Take a look at some of the most popular styles and see what they have to offer.


The contemporary furniture designs for the bedroom are based on the principle of minimalism. They are characterized by simple and sleek lines. Geometric and natural shapes are preferred. The contemporary bedroom typically has a rectangular platform bed and a chest of drawers and a wardrobe in the same shape. The bedside tables can be square, round, oval and even triangular.

There are no decorative elements in most cases. Even if there are some, they are very few. The designers prefer to use the functional features of the furniture designs for the bedroom to add a unique and sometimes artistic touch to their pieces.

Contemporary designers use natural materials such as wood, leather and metal. The colours range from very light to very dark, but they are all inspired by nature. Neutral colours are typically used for the major furniture items while brighter colours are reserved for the decorative items.

Asian Style Furniture

This term refers to the traditional style coming from East Asia. It actually encompasses the unique styles of different peoples and cultures. That is why you can find a lot of diverse items.

You can readily go for Asian furniture designs for the bedroom that are based on simplicity and functionality and have very little ornamentation. You can also consider adding pieces which have gorgeous stylized decorative motifs. The Shoji screen room-dividers from Japan are among the popular functional pieces for the modern bedroom.

When selecting Asian style furniture for your bedroom, you can readily go for multifunctional items that save space and provide for your convenience and comfort. You should consider the most widely used colours – earth colours, neutral colours, black and red. The surfaces are typically glossy, but not flashy.

Coastal Style

The sea makes you feel relaxed and at ease. It has inspired furniture designs for the bedroom as well. The coastal style is characterized by natural, gently cruved lines that are smooth and floating.

Light finishes are also typical for this style. The main materials used include light wood and natural fibre upholstery. Glass, aged metal and sometimes stone can give unique appeal to decorative items. The predominant colours are white and light blue. The decorative accents that you add may be in red and navy or in exotic pastel colours.

Explore these and other furniture designs for the bedroom further to select the ideal one for you.

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